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Back Number   July/August 2017
The Service Sector in Developing Asian Economies - Key to Achieving Asian Structural Reform

Back Number   May/June 2017
Super Aging Society Where Elderly People Foster Vitality

Back Number   March/April 2017
Rising Geopolitical Risk -Another Story of the Global Economy

Back Number   January/February 2017
Prospects & Solutions for a Volatile Global Economy

Back Number   November/December 2016
Growing Income Inequality in the World - Trends, Outlooks & Solutions

Back Number   September/October 2016
White Paper on International Economy & Trade 2016

Back Number   July/August 2016
Opportunity for the Evolution of Human Beings
Artificial Intelligence (AI) is a hot topic today all over the world, with the pros and cons increasingly discussed, often confusing us with subjective views, groundless arguments, and misperceptions.

Back Number   May/June 2016
On May 26 and 27, G7 leaders will meet in Ise-Shima, a scenic coastal resort in western Japan. The theme of the meeting is how to restore the global economy from the continuing recession in the wake of the Lehman Shock in 2008 and mitigate increasing geopolitical risks.

Back Number   March/April 2016
Structural Reform of Local Economies
Japanfs local economies offer numerous good business opportunities. There are many business sectors, in particular tertiary sectors, in the Japanese regions that are currently suffering from extremely low productivity.

Back Number   January/February 2016
Where Is Japanese Management Heading — Evolution or Revolution?
Japanese management, with lifetime employment and a seniority-based salary and promotion system as its core elements, has long been considered central to the success of Japanese business.

Back Number   November/December 2015
Disaster Risk Mitigation
Global Discussion & Developments
Japan SPOTLIGHT highlighted "Disaster Mitigation" in Japan. The Nov/Dec 2015 issue featured on the crucial role of disaster mitigation in regional and international cooperation, and discussed how Japan is now tackling the issue following the events of March 11, 2011. What lessons have been learned from the Great East Japan Earthquake and the tsunami that hit the Tohoku region?

Back Number   September/October 2015
White Paper on International Economy and Trade, 2015
METI's White Paper featured by Japan SPOTLIGHT every year is an important indicator to readers outside Japan of where the Japanese economy is heading against the backdrop of the global economy. This year it focused in particular on the "earning capacity" of Japanese businesses. The elaborate and detailed economic analyses shown in the White Paper indicate some serious concerns about the competitiveness of Japanese business in an era of globalization.

Back Number   July/August 2015
Global Growth Strategy
Can We Find a Way
out of the Post-Financial Crisis?
In the post-2008 financial crisis, the global economy and the major economies have undergone a great deal of turbulence. 2015 seems to be a junction from where we head. This issue invited opinions from several distinguished commentators for their views on the current global economic landscape, and opportunities and risks facing major world economies.

Back Number   May/June 2015
"Amazing TOKYO" - BEOYND 2020
Metropolis Hoping to be a Model of Peace & Friendliness
The year 2020, when Tokyo will host the Olympics and Paralympics, is certainly a target year for the Tokyo Metropolitan Government to make significant progress in its reforms, but it would aim to continue its work to revitalize the whole city beyond 2020. This issue covered the amazing story of Tokyo's structural reforms aimed at turning Tokyo into a major global city that can attract people and business from all over the world.

Back Number   March/April 2015
Innovation - Reality or Dream?
Predicting the Future of Technology, Economy & Society
This time we highlighted "Innovation", celebrating our 200th issue.
As everybody knows, we would need innovation to realize an utopian society which we could define as high economic growth, peace and prosperity, a long and healthy life span, and consistency between the global environment and economic prosperity.
What kind of innovation can be expected and how it can be achieved by policies will be the principal questions addressed.

Back Number   January/February 2015
Labor Market Reform - Key to Enhancing Individual Creativity
Labor Market Reform - Key to Enhancing Individual Creativity

Back Number   November/December 2014
The Tokyo Olympics & Paralympics in 2020
What might be the consequences for Japan of the second Tokyo Olympics in 2020? Will it contribute further to the already growing popularity of sports in Japan. Will it help to enhance business support for sports and athletes, particularly professional ones? Will it have any knock-on effects on other lines of business, such as general tourism, or the practice of yoga, or robots for use in helping the elderly or disabled?

This huge international event could lead to a more open and liberal society, since it will be supported by a wide range of volunteers who will be closely linked with the athletes and tourists coming from all over the world, and thus such relations among the citizens of numerous countries will expand. We may see a new society built on the perception of sports as being an intrinsic part of our culture through which all people can be connected.

Back Number   September/October 2014
New Media Culture in Asia
The Internet revolution has two major aspects, one on the technology side and the other on the cultural side. Japan SPOTLIGHT highlighted its technological aspects in the Jan./Feb. 2008 issue.
Having noted its creation of a new culture in our globalized world, we now highlight its cultural aspects in our Sept./Oct. issue of 2014, and broaden the story from Japan into other parts of Asia, since new media culture in Asia today is greatly interlinked.

Back Number   July/August 2014
METI's White Paper on International Trade, 2014
It is a tradition every summer that we highlight METI's White Paper on International Trade. For this issue, of course, the focus is on White Paper 2014.
Many current public policy topics will be featured, such as the details of the Japanese government's growth strategy, the recent global economic outlook, and trade policy developments in Japan as well as around the world. The issue will provide an abundance of information on the important policy topics as usual.

Back Number   May/June 2014
Where is the Global
Trade Regime Heading?
Whereas trade liberalization is today considered a strategy for export growth by all major industrial nations, which have a limited capacity in fiscal policy to spur their economies due to growing budget deficits, there are many people who oppose it.
Japan SPOTLIGHT is on the side of capitalism and supports trade liberalization as a major growth strategy. We believe that competition will lead to increasing economic welfare in terms of income and job growth, and thus capitalism can ensure a path to happiness. For the May/June issue, we highlighted in this regard a wide range of trade policy arguments led by various intellectuals supporting trade liberalization as a desirable growth strategy.

Back Number   March/April 2014
Japanese Culture
- Enigma or Soft Power?
A country's culture can be represented by many products, both tangible and intangible. Animations, films, cuisine, and fashion may be symbols of a national culture, but people's customs, behavior or mentality are also crucial in determining the general image of a country.
This issue highlighted this cultural complexity in Japan and its possible role in foreign policy, assuming that the power of a culture can sometimes have consequences for diplomacy.

Back Number   January/February 2014
Social Security in an Aging Society
Japan SPOTLIGHTJan/Feb issue highlights the issue of "social security reform" which is currently a global one, as the aging of society is a common socioeconomic challenge for all OECD countries. We will showcase how Japan and other developed nations can cope with this challenge under growing fiscal deficits to develop a future with positive prospects for their aging societies.

Back Number   November/December 2013
Abenomics' Impact on the Global Economy
In our Nov./Dec. issue, our cover story highlights the long-term changes in exchange rates and their impact upon the Japanese and international economies.
Can the recent movements of the yen and other currencies be considered a mid- and long-term trend? If so, what would be the significant consequences for the Japanese economy and the world economy?

Back Number   September/October 2013
"Abenomics" & the Future of the Japanese Economy
We highlight "Abenomics" in this issue. We look forward to indicating how Japan will aim to get back on track in seeking to revive its economy. Will the "three arrows" of Abenomics enable the Japanese to dream again? Will other arrows be necessary to save the Japanese economy? Global thinkers will address these questions.

Back Number   July/August 2013
White Paper on International Economy & Trade 2013
White Paper 2013 focuses on the question of productivity and we present some highly elaborate quantitative analyses and comparisons of international productivity growth by some distinguished Japanese academics. Although Japanese industrial productivity growth has lagged behind that of some other developed nations, the internationalization of firms' business activities will contribute to productivity growth and encourage new entries to the market through deregulation, and thus enhancing competition will be instrumental in raising productivity and eventually economic growth.

Back Number   May/June 2013
Industrial Policy — a Third Engine for Promoting Growth
Industrial policy in Japan can now be possibly regarded as one of the most important elements of structural reform, one of the new administration's "three arrows" of macroeconomic policy. It is expected in Japan to enhance the added value of Japanese tradable goods and thus increase their competitiveness. We will discuss the new significance of industrial policy in Japan and also survey other countries' industrial policies and their changing implications.

Back Number   March/April 2013
Economics & Geopolitics in the Asia-Pacific Region
Will Japan's territorial disputes with China and South Korea have a negative effect on economic relations in East Asia? We highlighted the possible conflict between economics and politics that people in Asia now face. In the long run, the editor-in-chief believes that rational thinking will prevail over emotions. The March/April issue showed how the intricacies of economics and politics can be resolved.

Back Number   January/February 2013
Pilots in the Chartless Sea of a Knowledge Economy
Japan SPOTLIGHT highlighted the leading role of universities and think tanks in Japan and Asia. The knowledge and wisdom they may provide will be crucial for Japan to survive the post-Fukushima crisis. The network between Japan and other Asian nations should be based not only on the manufacturing sector but also on the pursuit and application of knowledge.

Back Number   November/December 2012
"Social Equity" - A Global Issue for Sustainable Growth
How do the nations of the world regard "social equity"? It is a kind of "inclusive growth" aimed at achieving consistency between growth and equality - has today become a crucial issue in economic policy all aver the world, while in the Middle East the "Arab Spring", which started a couple of years ago, offers hope that burgeoning democracy there may lead to the pursuit of greater equality among the region's people.

Back Number   September/October 2012
The Challenge to
Risk Management after 3.11
What lessons have Japan & Asia learned from the twin disasters of the earthquake & the Fukushima crisis?

Back Number   July/August 2012
White Paper on International
Economy & Trade in 2012
Extending the Frontiers of Growth through Global Linkages
METI shows how Japan is attempting to advance the frontiers of growth in 2012 in the midst of global turbulence.

Back Number   May/June 2012
Mission of Japan
in the Roaring 21st Century
Following the economic crisis & nuclear crisis, Japan will have an important role to play in the world's future. Expers say Japan will make key decisions affecting global prosperity soon.

Back Number   March/April 2012
Global Growth Strategy
to Avoid Global Recession
With the Euro crisis and the US budget political crisis, the two major risks of global economic growth, how can we avoid a global recession?

Back Number   January/February 2012
Post-Fukushima Outlook
Japan and the rest of the world eventually have to face the energy crisis. Of course, this leads to an environmental crisis. We covered not only energy policy agendas per se but also economic and industrial policy agendas to deal with the crisis.

Back Number   November/December 2011
Regional Integrated Community: Catalyst for Global Governance
"The Role and Mission of Regional Integration" The APEC leader's meeting was held in November. On this occasion we highlighted how regional integration and/or initiatives play an important role for global prosperity, stabillity and political security. We invited a number of worldwide experts on regional integration to give their views.

Back Number   September/October 2011
White Paper on International Economy & Trade 2011
We highlight METI's White Paper 2011, which published in July, a month behind the usual schedule due to the disaster. This unusual incident has made the White Paper draw even more attention than usual. It features the important role of the global economic network in the post-disaster era and the efforts for its restoration.

Back Number   July/August 2011
Post-disaster Outlook for Japan
We highlight the consequences of Japanfs unprecedented natural disaster that occurred on March 11, 2011. A wide range of analyses of its impact on the Japanese and international economies is offered. We also provide you with several distinguished experts' views on the path towards restoration that they envisage for the future.

Back Number   May/June 2011
Asian Dynamism
This issue is our first completely digitalized version. For this issue, we do our best to breathe new life into the magazine and make it a publication better fitting the needs of our readership. Thus, this issue highlights Asia's new economic landscape accented by the "web revolution" and a new geopolitical balance stemming from China's emergence.

Back Number   March/April 2011
Aging Society
Japan SPOTLIGHT will highlight "how to achieve security and vitality in an aging society." We will introduce views of not only academic experts but also businesses upon the costs and benefits of aging society and how we could save such costs and maximize benefits.

Back Number   January/February 2011
NGOs - Key Players in Fighting Global Environmental Challenges
We will focus on activities and role of NGOs in this area. We are pleased to announce that JEF was recently honored to be nominated as representative of Japanfs National Association of Club of Rome. Club of Rome and other notable environment-related NGOs such as those working for Convention on Biological Diversity will be our additional subjects.

Back Number   November/December 2010
Global Governance in 21st Century
Key to Achieving World Peace & Prosperity
As globalization goes on, no single issue on the economic and political policy agenda can be resolved without global perspectives, meaning all nations in the world have to join a worldwide decision-making process. Will it be possible? Global governance, the key cover story theme in the Nov./Dec. 2010 issue, is a real challenge of how we can create an efficient and fair global policy decision-making process. We invite views from a number of experts from various international organizations.

Back Number   September/October 2010
APEC Japan 2010
Japan SPOTLIGHT features insights into roles expected of APEC by distinguished experts from various parts of the world on the occasion of an APEC summit in Yokohama in November 2010.

Back Number   July/August 2010
White Paper
on International Economy & Trade 2010
July./Aug. 2010 issue highlights METI's annual white paper for 2010, focusing on sustainable growth in Asia and how Japanese businesses can contribute to it.
COVER STORY:1)Bringing Out Japan's Hidden Strength to Meet Further Challenges of Globalization By METI
ECONOMIC FOCUS:GDP Size & Its Impact on World EconomyBy Naoyuki HARAOKA (Editor-in-chief, JS & executive managing direct
SPOTLIGHT:Great Actor of Old Kabukiza By Naoyuki HARAOKA (Editor-in-chief, JS & executive managing director, JEF)

Back Number   May/June 2010
Gender Equality Spurs Economic Growth
COVER STORY:Gender Equality Spurs Economic Growth
Women's potential competency is untapped sources of fuel for economic growth. Intelligent women in Japan and the rest of the world will discuss the future role of women in the economy. In particular, Japanese women will - and should - be given a greater opportunity to display their competency that overwhelms men's.
Cultural Exchange: Tunisia
Interview with Tunisian Ambassador N. B. F. Hached

Special Interview: Pedaling to World Fame (2) Interview with ex-World Sprint Cycling Champion Koichi Nakano
COVER STORY1 Gender-equal Society: Most Effective Strategy for Growth
By Naoyuki HARAOKA(Editor-in-Chief, JS)
PROMENADE: "Representative Men of Japan" Learning from Book Written by Christian/Thinker K. Uchimura
SPOTLIGHT: "Avatar" As I Saw It

Back Number   March/April 2010
What policies do we expect from Japan's new DPJ-led government?
COVER STORY:What policies do we expect from Japan's new DPJ-led government?
Experts discuss a possible policy change in Japan as well as in the world likely brought about by Tokyo's unprecedented change of power.
J. Terashima, viewed as an adviser to the Hatoyama government, portrays what form of nation Japan should seek to be & other experts look into Japan's new government.

Special Interview: Pedaling to World Fame (1) Interview with ex-World Sprint Cycling Champion Koichi Nakano
PROMENADE: Hachijojima
An Island with Unique History & Culture
By Natsuko TOYODA(JEF)
ECONOMIC FOCUS:Gender Disparity in Workplace
By Naoyuki HARAOKA(Editor-in-Chief,JEF)
SPOTLIGHT:Japanese Like Doing Small Things

Back Number   January/February 2010
Open Innovation
A Key to Achieving Socioeconomic Evolution
COVER STORY:Open Innovation
A Key to Achieving Socioeconomic Evolution

Innovation is vital to achieve solid, sustained growth. Distinguished authors from various parts of the world will help readers identify the fittest innovation system for each country. You will find a clue to what would be the best socioeconomic innovation system for Japan.
Prof. Chesbrough, Prof. Kodama, both authors of books on open innovation, & other experts on technology look into the best strategy of innovation in our knowledge-based economy.
PROMENADE:When Rover Met Honda By Kiyoshi IKEMI
ECONOMIC FOCUS: Globalization & Economic Crisis By Naoyuki HARAOKA
SPOTLIGHT Editor's postscript: The Key to Success

Back Number   November/December 2009
World Poverty,
a Challenge to Humankind in 21st Century
COVER STORY:World Poverty
a Challenge to Humankind in 21st Century

How should we work on reducing poverty in the world? Dr. R. K. Pachauri, Novel Peace Prize winner in 2007, and other opinion leaders will present various solutions to the most urgent issue focused on the "bottom billion" in the poorest countries in the world.
Battle against World Poverty
What Are Its Causes & What Can Be Done about It? By Naoyuki HARAOKA
SPECIAL ARTICLES1 Future Outlook of Japan-US Strategic Alliance (Part II)
PROMENADE "Unbeaten by Rain" A Few Thoughts on Kenji Miyazawa's Acclaimed Poem By Nao HARADA

Back Number   September/October 2009
Japanese Culture:
Source of Power on World Stage?
Japanese brands for "soft power" - Can culture be sources of economic growth and political power? In the cover story of the Sept./Oct. issue, we highlight a number of contemporary Japanese brands of culture and look into their potential as sources of Japanese "soft power. "
PUBLISHER'S NOTE: Rules on Outward FDI Also Necessary
SPECIAL ARTICLES: 1 Future Outlook of Japan-US Strategic Alliance (Part1)
ECONOMIC FOCUS: Structural Changes in Japanese Economy As Measured by Phillips Curve & Okun's Law By Naoyuki HARAOKA

Back Number   July/August 2009
White Paper on International Economy & Trade 2009
The July/August 2009 issue of Japan SPOTLIGHT will highlight METI's White Paper on International Economy & Trade 2009. Its main topics include the financial crisis & Asian economy, the international trade regime amid the crisis, internationalization of Japanese content industry, and tourism.
Global Economic Crisis Lifts Japan to New Heights
By Policy Planning Research Division, Trade Policy Bureau, METI
PROMENADE(2st of 2): Trends in International Educational Exchange between Japan& the United States By Anthony C. OGDEN
ECONOMIC FOCUS: Japan's FTAs: Farm Reform Vital for Better Trade Regime
By Naoyuki HARAOKA

Back Number   May/June 2009
Foreign Direct Investment in Japan
In the cover story of its May/June issue, Japan SPOTLIGHT delves into the activities of foreign corporate subsidiaries in Japan and their impact on the Japanese business community and economy amid the evolving business climate. Leaders of some foreign subsidiaries talk about their views on the Japanese economy and markets. How should Japan continue to attract FDI? JETRO and METI officials respond to this tough question.
Ban Weapon Exports to Africa
PROMENADE(1st of 2 installments)
My Memories as Exchange Student in US By Natsuko TOYODA
ECONOMIC FOCUS: Basic Strategy for Post-Crisis Growth More Stress on Domestic Demand Needed
By Naoyuki HARAOKA

Back Number   March/April 2009
Global Aging:Challenge & Opportunity
Global aging is a challenge for the world as well as Japan. However, we should look at its positive side as well. Academic experts and businesspeople introduce you to a wide range of aspects of the theme.
ECONOMIC FOCUS: Key to Longer-term Economic Recovery By Naoyuki Haraoka(JEF)
Symbol of Japan's Forces of Order By Masako WATANABE(JEF)
SPOTLIGHT: Randoseru - The School Backpack

Back Number   January/February 2009
Energy & Environment: Global approach to Long-term Challenges
Global experts provide you with enlightening ideas on how to cope with the challenges of energy and environment.
ECONOMIC FOCUS: Foreign Affiliates' Business Activities in Japan As Seen from Statistics By Naoyuki HARAOKA(JEF)
PROMENADE: Farmer Philosopher Masanobu Fukuoka: Humans Must Strive to Know the Unknown (3) By Natsuko Toyoda (JEF)
SPOTLIGHT: Too much is as bad as too little

Back Number   November/December 2008
Plus-sum game in innovative Asia
COVER STORY:Plus-sum game in innovative Asia This issue features various regional alliance efforts designed to achieve a win-win relationship in the Asia-Pacific region. Some regional opinion leaders provide their insights into the theme.
In one of two special articles, Dr. Robert Madsen, a senior fellow at MIT, presents steps to fend off a "once-in-a-century" financial crisis.In the other, Nobutake Odano, Japanese ambassador to the EU and former envoy in charge of TICAD 4, sums up the significance of the conference.

The latest issue also profiles farmer philosopher Masanobu Fukuoka, who passed away this August after making a lifelong effort for greening the desert by clay-ball seeding in Asia and Africa.
In his second installment in a new series, Kazumi Murose, an urushi lacquer art producer appointed a living national treasure in July, describes urushi in Japanese culture.
ECONOMIC FOCUS: Structural Changes in Japanese Economy As Seen from Balance of Payments Data By Naoyuki HARAOKA(JEF)
PROMENADE: Farmer Philosopher Masanobu Fukuoka:Humans Must Strive to Know the Unknown (2) By Natsuko Toyoda(JEF)
SPOTLIGHT: We Need to Act Now to Save Earth

Back Number   September/October 2008
Future of Digital Economy
The September/October issue features the future of the fast digitalizing global economy. What impact is it causing on the Japanese economy? What about its effects on the Japanese digital industryfs competitiveness? These and other points will be analyzed in a broad perspective by government, academic and industry experts plus specialists from abroad. The Japanese Art & Craft column launch a new series featuring traditional handicrafts based on Japanese lacquer urushi.
PUBLISHER'S NOTE: On Concern over Inflation By Noboru HATAKEYAMA (Chairman & CEO, JEF)
ECONOMIC FOCUS: A Numerical Probe into Japanese Business Management By Naoyuki HARAOKA (Editor-in-Chief, JEF)
PROMENADE: Farmer Philosopher Masanobu Fukuoka: Humans Must Strive to Know the Unknown (1) By Natsuko TOYODA (JEF)

Back Number   July/August 2008
White Paper on International Economy & Trade 2008
An anual review of Japan's international economy and trade done by METI officials and specialists: This year, they focus on how Japanese businesses are adjusting to "globalization." They also highlight the issue of
"shortage of water," one of the most urgent challenges in the world today.
COVER STORY 1: White Paper on International Economy by Policy Planning Research Division, Trade Policy Bureau,METI)
ECONOMIC FOCUS: Japanese Firms' New Corporate Governance After "Structural Reform" by Naoyuki Haraoka(Chief editor, JEF)
PROMENADE: Meeting the Author fo "Shutting Out the Sun" -"Hikikomori" and Today's Japan by Natsuko Toyoda(JEF)

Back Number   May/June 2008
Evolving Japanese-style Management & Global Competition
After Koizumi's reform, how is new Japanese-style management coping with globalization?

Back Number   March/April 2008
Education Vital to Encourage Innovation
How are Japanese universities, businesses and government attempting to raise innovative people?

Back Number   January/February 2008
Web Evolution & Its Impact on Japanese Media
How has the web revolution changed Japaense media, business and society? This issue highlights the Internet evolution and its multi-faced effects, including those on TV, advertisement, the ICT industry, copyrights and human rights. Writers presenting their views on these and other topics will have a variety of nationalities such as China, Australia, the United States and Britan in addition to Japan.

Back Number   November/December 2007
Work/Life Balance in Japan-New Growth Potential
This issue looks into Japan's recent demographic trend, including the sagging birthrate, and its impact upon the Japanese economy and business. An important viewpoint in addressing this challenge is the work/life balance for women yet to be established in this country. Also taken up are policy options, psychological/demographic analyses and corporate challenges.

Back Number   September/October 2007
Japan's Initiative for Environmental Conservation
What else can we do for environmental protection? We
will feature global environmental issues, including Japan's latest
technical developments by specialists in various fields. We will also
introduce a small regional company using bamboo for business, helping ease
the load on the environment. In the "Japanese Mind" column, we will show
you the fascination of "Noh" and how to enjoy the Japanese traditional
masked dance-drama, along with some beautiful photos.

Back Number   July/August 2007
White Paper on International Economy and Trade 2007
We will feature the annual "White Paper on Trade" for
2007 "fresh from the oven" - made available to you days after Cabinet
endorsement of the report in early July - thanks to METI. We will also
delve into the delicacy of sake and the charm of a small Japanese island
attracting an increasing number of tourists from all over the world.

Back Number   May/June 2007
The Abe administration's Economic Policies -Where Are They Heading?
Japan'Prime Minister Abe Shinzo proclaimed a new vision on taking office:
Making Japan a beautiful country. In the next issue, we will invite a
number of economic experts to look into the government's economic
management, economic policies, and future challenges, among other things.
We will also launch new columns featuring Japanese food, architecture and
thriving regional developments.

Back Number   March/April 2007
Japan's Burgeoning Fashion Industry - The Next Big Wave
What does Japan's latest fashion trend look like? It will cover from policy aspects to some examples of Internet business, including its potentiality and development. It will also carry an interview with the president of a world-famous Japanese fashion brand company. On the basis of new initiatives such as "Japan Fashion Week in Tokyo," you will get an insider's view of Japan's burgeoning fashion industry.

Back Number   January/February 2007
Robot Power Japan
Robots are expected to have an increasing number of applications in our daily lives and in industry. Our writers report on the Robot Industry Policy being promoted by METI, and explore how automobile and electronics manufactureres are using advanced robots. We will also look at a number of case studies that show how human beings may be able to interact more effectively with robots.

Back Number   November/December 2006
Intellectual Property Rights in Japan
Intellectual Property Rights (IPR) is becoming increasingly important in the economic world, and Japan hopes to play a key role in the development of this sector. Our writers report on national IPR policies, IPR education, private sector and the experiences of companies that have tried to establish patents in China.

Back Number   September/October 2006
Japan-India Relationship
"The relationship between Japan and India" is the theme of this issue of Japan Spotlight. Japan and India have a close relationship from a historical angle. The dramatic growth of the Indian economy in recent years has been astonishing. Our writes analyse the country's dynamism and this relationship from a range of view of and also look at the possibilities for further development.

Back Number   July/August 2006
White Paper on International Economy and Trade 2006
Japan must adapt to some major structural changes: (1) globalization; (2) rising Asia; and (3) an aging society. The international economy is approaching structural change that will become a turning point - the current account imbalances of the world are a sign of the activization of international capital flows. The question for Japan is, what strategies must be taken to deal with these structural changes and ensure sustainable economic growth?

When discussing economic prosperity, we need an index to measure its levels. When we compiled the White Paper on International Economy and Trade 2006, the index we used is based on national disposable income (the financial resources available to use for its citizens).

Back Number   May/June 2006
Japan's SMEs
With the rapid growth of Chinese and Indian economies, Japan's influence in the industrial sector appears to be on the decline, but many Japanese SMEs have developed world-class technologies and products. Our writers will examine the role of SMEs, which are continually expanding their businesses in various fields.

Back Number   March/April 2006
New Trends in Japan
JAPAN SPOTLIGHT March/April 2006 issue featured "New Trends in Japan".

What kind of things and places have been on boom in Japan? Through the analysis of these "New trends",we elucidated a vivid picture of the present Japanese society and its culture. Our writers also examined Japan's changing social structure, social stratum and consumption patterns.

Back Number   January/February 2006
Welcome! M&As in Japan
Japanese companies in the era of globalization are becoming much more willing to accept foreign capital. Our wirters will analyze the latest developments in Japanese corporate goernance and the related legal revisions sa well as M&A case studies involving foreign companies.

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