Our Profile

The Japan Economic Foundation (JEF) was established in July 1981 to deepen mutual understanding between Japan and other countries through activities aimed at promoting economic and technological exchanges.

With this goal in mind, JEF engages in a broad range of activities; it provides information about Japan and arranges opportunities to exchange ideas among opinion leaders from many countries in such fields as industry, government administration, academia and politics in order to break down the barriers to mutual understanding.

Our Mission

Building Bridges for International CommunicationSponsorship of international forums and seminars
--Facilitating a free exchange of views on international cooperation

Publishing information about Japan
--Keeping the international community informed about the Japanese economy and developments in trade, industry and technology.

Conducting research on trade and industry in other countries
--Collecting information to help Japanese organizations with policy development

Arranging overseas visits for Japanese leaders
--Providing opportunities for healthy exchanges of opinions that contribute to international understanding