4.Participants(October 12-13, 2011)


Dr. Andrew ELEK Visiting Professor, Australian National University


Prof. ZHANG Yunling Director, Chinese Academy of Social Sciences (CASS)


Dr. Biswajit DHAR Director-General, Research and Information System for Developing Countries (RIS)


Mr. Noboru HATAKEYAMA Chairman and CEO, Japan Economic Foundation (JEF) / (Former Vice-Minister for International Affairs, Ministry of International Trade and Industry of Japan)
Mr. Naoyuki HARAOKA Executive Managing Director, Japan Economic Foundation (JEF)
Amb. Shinichi SAITO Executive Director, International Affairs, Japan Economic Foundation (JEF)
Prof. Shujiro URATA Professor of International Economics, Graduate School of Asia-Pacific Studies, Waseda University


Dr. Chulsu KIM Chairman, Institute for Trade & Investment (ITI), Lee International (Former Minister of Trade, Industry and Energy of the Republic of Korea)


Mr. J. Jayasiri Senior Director, Economic and Trade Relations, Ministry of International Trade and Industry of Malaysia


Prof. Gary HAWKE Emeritus Professor, Victoria University of Wellington


Dr. Thomas G. AQUINO Senior Fellow, Center for Research and Communications University of Asia and the Pacific (Former Senior Undersecretary, Department of Trade and Industry of the Republic of Philippines)


Dr. Hank LIM Senior Research Fellow, Singapore Institute of International Affairs (SIIA)
Prof. Simon SC TAY Chairman, Singapore Institute of International Affairs (SIIA)


H.E. Mr. Vincent SIEW Vice President
Dr. Ping-Kun CHIANG Chairman, Straits Exchange Foundation (SEF)
Mr. Francis Kuo-Hsin LIANG Vice Minister of the Ministry of Economic Affairs
Dr. David S. HONG President, Taiwan Institute of Economic Research (TIER)
Dr. Mignonne Man-jung CHAN Executive Director, Chinese Taipei APEC Study Center, Taiwan Institute of Economic Research (TIER)
Dr. Samuel S.G. WU Professor, Department of Public Administration and Policy, Taipei University
Ms. Jen-ni YANG Deputy Chief Representative, Office of Trade Negotiations, Ministry of Economic Affairs (MOEA)