Participants(12th(Mon)-14th(Wed)July, 2004)

Japan side [36 participants]Public Sector (alphabetical order of sir names)

Mr Tomoaki Hiratsuka Assistant Chief, International Affairs Office, Industrial Science and Technology Policy and Environment Bureau, Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry
Dr Kazuo Igarashi Research Coordinator, National Institute of Advanced Industrial Science and Technology
Dr Kimihiro Ohta Collaboration Department, National Institute of Advanced Industrial Science and Technology
Mr Koichi Sakuta Director of International Affairs Office, Industrial Science and Technology Policy and Environment Bureau, Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry
Mr Keikou Terui Deputy Director-General for Industrial Science and Technology Policy
Industrial Science and Technology Policy and Environment Bureau, Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry
Mr Hiroshi Tsuchiya Executive Managing Director, Japan Economic Foundation
Mr. Hiroshi Tsukamoto President, JETRO

Industrial Sector (alphabetical order of sir names)

Dr Mutsuhiro Arinobu Corporate Vice President, Director, Corporate Research and Development, Toshiba Corporation
Dr Koichi Hiraoka Technical Associate Officer, Corporate Technology Division, Kawasaki Heavy Industries
Dr Michinori Ichikawa Laboratory Head, Laboratory for Brain-Operative Device, Brain Science Institute (Wako Lab.), RIKEN
Dr Toru Kawata Senior Executive Technical Research fellow and Director of Kawata Laboratory, Sharp Corporation
Dr Yasuo Kozato Global Search Project, Leading-Edge Planning & Administration Center Leading-Edge Technology Development Headquarters, Canon Inc
Mr Tatsuro Masamura Associate Senior Vice President, Managing Director of Wireless Laboratories, NTT DoCoMo Inc
Dr Masaaki Takahashi Director & General Manager, Research and Development, Precision System Science Co Ltd
Dr Keiichi Torimitsu Director, Materials Science Laboratory, NTT Basic Research Laboratories, Nippon Telegraph and Telephone Corporation
Dr Toshitaka Tsuda Member of the Board, General Manager of Network Systems Laboratories Fujitsu Laboratories Ltd. President, Fujitsu Laboratories of Europe Limited.
Dr Seiichi Watanabe Adviser, Sony Corporation
Participants based in UK (alphabetical order of sir names)
Mr. Mikio Abe Principal, MD Business Consultants
Mr. Dave Brauer Manager & Co-Founder, System Solution Division, Paltek Corporation
Mr. Chris Clifton Divisional Director for Engineering, Semiconductor, Development Centre, Semiconductor and Electronics, Solutions, Sony Business Europe
Mr. Chris Deering President, Sony Europe
Mr. Serge Foucher Executive Vice President, European Operations, Sony Europe
Mr. Makoto Kakebayashi Director General, JETRO London
Mr. Ron Kakimoto GM,European Operations,Panasonic Semiconductors
Mr. Junji Kamimura Executive Vice president Honda R&D Europe (UK) Ltd.
Dr. Riichi Kato Deputy Managing Director, Cambridge Research, Laboratory, Toshiba Research Europe Limited
Mr. Kazuaki Kawabata Deputy Managing Director, Telecommunications, Research Laboratory, Toshiba Research Europe Limited
Mr. John T. Kelly President, Kowa Research Europe Ltd.
M. Naohito Kimura First Secretary, Science & Technology, Embassy of Japan
Ms. Tomomi Kurata Chief Technology Officer, Toshiba of Europe Ltd.
Mr. Shoji Mano Deputy MD & GM, Fujitsu Labs Europe
Mr. Hiroshi Matsumura Minister (Commercial), Embassy of Japan
Mr. Saburo Takahashi Managing Director, Navix Europe
Mr. Atsushi Takata Director, Invest Japan, JETRO London
Mr. Akito TaniDeputy Director-General, JETRO London
Mr. Sunil Vadgama Deputy Manager, Mobile Radio Technology, Fujitsu Laboratories of Europe Ltd.

UK side [ 95 participants]

Mr. Eric Albone Director, Clifton Scientific Trust
Prof. Jim Aiken Director of Centre for Observation of Air-Sea Interactions and Fluxes (CASIX), Plymouth Marine Laboratories
Mr. Peter Bacon Managing Director, Electronics Links Asia
Mr. Tim Bagshaw Head of Sector Development, South West of England Regional Development Agency
Mr. Richard Bailey Partner, Marks & Clarke
Mr. Rupert Baines Vice President of Marketing, picoChip Designs Ltd.
Mr. Ian Bartlett Engineering Director, Swindon Lab., Motorola
Dr. Keith Baughan Chairman, Mobile Virtual Centre of Excellence
Prof. Mark Beach Centre for Communications Research, University of Bristol
Mr. Edward Bell Managing Director, Crown Bio Systems
Mr. Arnold Black Project Manager, C-Tech Innovations Ltd.
Mr. Martin Bloom Managing Director, Cambridge Accelerator Partners
Dr. Alistair Brown Vice President, International Business, Scientific Generics
Dr. David Brown Senior Principal, Arthur D. Little Ltd.
Mr. Tudor Brown Executive Vice President, ARM Holdings
Mr. Alan Bullion Deputy Editor, Fo Licht World Ethanol and Biofuels Report
Mr. Simon Carrington Managing Director, AEON Acoustics
Mr. Stephen Castle Director, TTRACC Limited
Mr. Richard Davies Managing Director, Nanotechnology Division, Oxford nanoScience Ltd.
Ms. Julie Deacon BioNano Director, Micro and Nano Technology Network(MNT)
Ms. Yoko Ebisawa Manager and Administrator, St. John White Associates
Dr. Muhammed Farmer Founder and Director, British Institute of Technology and E-Commerce, Ltd.
Mr. Chris Foley Development Manager, West of England Area Team, South West of England Regional Development Agency
Mr. Roger Gibb Site Manager, Emfab
Mr. Mike Gooch Inward Investment Director, South East of England Development Agency
Dr. Janita Good Partner, Barlow Lyde & Gilbert
Mr. Dave Gorshkov Executive Vice President, Sales, Axeon Ltd.
Mr. Paul Harris Programme Manager, Research and Technology, Military Aerospace, Rolls-Royce
Mr. Graham Harrison Sector Manager-Advanced Engineering, South West of England Regional Development Agency
Dr. Ian Harrison Deputy Director, Key Business Technologies Directorate, Department of Trade and Industry
Mr. Matthew Hatch Vice President, Advanced System Technology Group, STMicroelectronics (R&D) Limited
Dr. Tony Hayward Seminar Convenor, Asia-Pacific Technology Network
Mr. Stephen Hope International Technology and Research Relations Manager, Orange
Dr. Peter Horne CEO, 3C Research Ltd.
Prof. Jon Howes Managing Director, NEuW Ltd.
Mr. Neil Impiazzi Head of International Business Asia Pacific,South East of England Development Agency
Mr. Kirk Kashefi Associate, Asia-Pacific Technology Network
Prof. Terrence Knibb Chairman, Asia-Pacific Technology Network,Chief Scientist, BAE Systems
Ms. Helen Knight News Editor, The Engineer
Mr. Kenn Lamb CEO, Elixent Ltd.
Prof. Nick Lieven Head of Aerospace Engineering Department, Professor of Aerospace Dynamics, University of Bristol
Ms. Pauline Love-Cornwell Regional Development Manager, South West England, The IEE
Dr. Gerson Machado Managing Director, Machado Business Development
Mr. David Maddison Marine Sector Advisor, South West of England Regional Development Agency
Mr. Richard Male Innovation Adviser, South West of England Regional Development Agency
Dr. John Manley Head of Utility Computing Research, Hewlett-Packard's Strategic Research Laboratories
Dr. Des Mapps Head of Research in Information Storage Technology, Associate Dean, Research and Enterprise, Faculty of Technology, University of Plymouth
Mr. Alan Marshall Chief Technology Officer, Elixent Ltd.
Prof. David May Computer Science Department, University of Bristol
Prof. Joe McGeehan Managing Director, Telecommunications Research Lab., University of Bristol
Ms. Christine Mitchell Senior Manager, Global Watch Service, Technology Partnering, Department of Trade and Industry
Mr. Mike Minchin Director R&D Strategy, Yamanouchi UK Ltd.
Mr. Yasuo Miyazawa Director, Elixent Ltd.
Mr. Peter Murphy Managing Director, ACTIVE Recycling Ltd.
Dr. Vishal Nayar Portfolio Manager of Electronics, QinetiQ
Prof. John Nicholls, Head of High Temperature Materials, School of Industrial and Manufacturing Science, Cranfield University
Ms. Catherine O'Keeffe Head, Conference Unit, Chatham House
Mr. Robin Ord-Smith First Secretary, Head of Technology Group, Commercial Department, British Embassy, Tokyo
Dr. David Parker Proprietor, the Parker Consultancy Ltd.
Prof. Ian Parmee Advanced Computation in Design and Decision-making, University of West England
Mr. Stephen Peacock Director of Enterprise and Innovation, South West Regional Development Agency
Dr. Charles Penn Director of Research & Development, Business Division, Health Protection Agency
Dr. Colin Picton Chief Executive Officer, Capsant Neurotechnologies
Dr. Paul Polakos Director of Wireless Technology Research, Lucent Technologies
Mr. Danny Ponce-Taylor MesoAmerica & Caribbean Projects Coordinator,Coral Cay Conservation Ltd.
Prof. S. Raghunathan Bombardier Aerospace- Royal Academy Chair, Department of Aeronautical Engineering, Queens University of Belfast
Dr. Jeremy Ramsden Chair of Nanotechnology, Department of Advanced Materials, School of Industrial and Manufacturing, Science, Cranfield University, England
Ms. Lorie Randall Managing Director, DARP Environmental Ltd.
Mr. Stuart Randall Technical Director, DARP Environment Ltd.
Mr. Arthur Richardson Director, South West Manufacturing Advisory Services
Mr. David Richardson Director of Asia Pacific, Sector Development, South West of England Regional Development Agency
Mr. Frank Rozelaar Technical Director, QinetiQ
Dr. David Scott International Technology Promoter, Global Watch Service, Department of Trade and Industry, Japan
Mr. Michael Sharpe Managing Director, MS Consulting & Research Ltd.
Dr. Geoffrey Sheppard Managing Director, Roundcraft Ltd.
Mr. Michael J. Spencer Director,
Mr. Kevin Stribley Technology Manager, Emfab
Prof. David C. Stuckey Department of Chemical Engineering, Imperial College, London
Mr. Bryan H. Sunderland Principal Quality in Colour Imaging
Mr. Quentin Tannock Business Development Manager, Cambridge University
Mr. Ramon Terrones Vice President, Strategic Growth & Industrial Operations, Airbus Japan K.K.
Ms. Christine Tovee SIGMA Graduate Scheme, BAE Systems
Mr. Louis Turner Chief Executive, Asia-Pacific Technology Network
Ms. Niranjana Unnikrishnan Graduate Law Student, Bristol University
Mr. Michael Upstone CEO, Alienideas Ltd.
Mr. Brendan Vickers Program Director, PERA
Mr. Ryan Walker Marine Science Co-ordinator, Coral Cay Conservation Ltd.
Mr. Phillip White International Technology Promoter, Electronics and Communications, Japan,Global Watch Service, Department of Trade and Industry
Mr. Wilfred St. John White Director, Asia Pacific Technology Network & Consultant, St. John White Associates
Mr. Dafydd Williams Sector Manager, ICT and Creative Industries, South West of England Regional Development Agency
Ms. Juliet Williams Chair South West of England Regional Development Agency
Ms. Emily Wilson Bio Approaches Programme Coordinator,Great Western Enterprise
Mr. Damien Whittard Sector Development Adviser, South West Regional Development Agency
Mr. Peter Woodland Managing Director, Alps Electric (UK) Ltd.
Ms. Ruth Wroe Managing Director, C-Tech Innovations Ltd.