4.Participants(January 15-16, 2004)

(Alphabetical order of surname)

Karlyn H. Bowman Resident Fellow, American Enterprise Institute
Eric M. ENGEN Resident Scholar, American Enterprise Institute
Noboru HATAKEYAMA Chairman and Chief Executive Officer, Japan Economic Foundation
Junichi HATTORI Vice Chairman and Chief Executive Officer, Seiko Instruments, Inc.
Ryozo HAYASHI Consulting Fellow, Research Institute of Economy, Trade & Industry (RIETI)
R. Glenn HUBBARD Visiting Scholar, American Enterprise Institute and Russell L. Carson Professor of Economics and Finance, Columbia Business School
Kazumasa IWATA Deputy Governor, Bank of Japan
Akira KOJIMA Managing Director and Editorial Page Editor, Nihon Keizai Shimbun
Fumiaki KUBO Professor of Faculty of Law, Tokyo University and Visiting Professor of Faculty of Law, Keio University
Haruhiko KURODA * Dinner Keynote Speaker * Special Advisor of Japanese Cabinet Office and Former Vice Minister for International Affairs of Japanese Ministry of Finance
Makoto KURODA Adviser, Japan Economic Foundation and President, World Economic Information Service
Lawrence B. LINDSEY President, Lindsey Group
Robyn LIM Professor of International Relations, Nanzan University
Nobutaka MACHIMURA Director-General of Election Bureau, Liberal Democratic Party of Japan
John H. MAKIN Resident Scholar and Director of Fiscal Policy Studies, American Enterprise Institute
Tadashi NAKAMAE President, Nakamae International Economic Research
Keisuke SADAMORI Director of Americas Division, Trade Policy Bureau, Ministry of Economy, Trade, and Industry
Nobuo TANAKA Director-General of Multilateral Trade System Department, Trade Policy Bureau, Ministry of Economy, Trade, and Industry
Hiroshi TSUCHIYA Executive Managing Director, Japan Economic Foundation
Mikio WAKATSUKI Chairman of the Board of Counselors, Japan Research Institute
Peter J. WALLISON Resident Fellow and Co-director of Financial Deregulation Project, American Enterprise Institute