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1.Use of the WebsiteThe website of the Japan Economic Foundation (hereinafter JEF) has been established for the purpose of supplying information useful in fostering proper understanding of its activities. Before utilizing the Website, please closely read the following Terms of Use. Any use of the Website shall be construed to be based upon consent with the Terms of Use.

2.CopyrightsUnless otherwise stipulated, all copyrights concerning information posted on the Website shall belong to JEF. Use of information appearing on the Website without acquiring authorization shall be limited to cases of "reproduction for personal use" and "quotations" specified under the Copyright Law. In such cases, it is requested that clear mention be made of the source of the information.
With regard to other uses of the information posted on the Website (including copying, modification, uploading, posting, transmission, circulation, sales, publishing, etc.), it is requested that authorization be obtained in advance.

3.Website LinksAs a general principle, no restrictions shall be placed upon links to the Website. Provided, however, that JEF reserves the right to reject links in cases when the contents of the website for the link in question falls under any of the following categories: (1) contents offensive to public morals and decency; (2) upon recognition as including contents in violation of laws, ordinances and other requirements, or posing the threat of such violations; and (3) other cases posing the risk of creating false impressions among third parties, etc. When creating a link, it is requested that notification be made to JEF's General Affairs Division (info@jef.or.jp) regarding the website to which the link provides access, the address of the said website, the contents of the website to which the link provides access, the purpose of the link and any other matters considered pertinent.

4.Disclaimer of Warranty

  1. JEF shall assume no responsibility for any problems or damages suffered by users resulting from the contents of the Website or from the use of websites accessed through links from the Website. For the convenience of users, in addition to the contents posted on the Website by JEF itself, the Website also contains contents, links and other information presented by third parties beyond the control of JEF, as well as translations of such materials performed by JEF. Accordingly, the Foundation is unable to guarantee whether any of the contents on the Website posted in such ways are accurate, useful, dependable, matched to the objectives of users and so forth. With regard to websites for which links are posted, it is recommended that terms of use of those websites be reviewed.
  2. JEF shall assume no responsibility for any damages suffered by users or third parties from the supply of information on the Website, or for delays, changes, interruptions, suspensions, stoppages, discontinuations or other developments pertaining to that supply, or any other damages occurred in relation to the Website. Upon accessing information or receiving the supply of services, it is requested that users proceed at their own responsibilities, while complying with obligations under any and all applicable laws and ordinances.