JAPAN SPOTLIGHT January / February 2011 issue

COVER STORY: NGOs - Key Players
in Fighting Global Environmental Challenges

We will focus on activities and role of NGOs in this area. We are pleased to announce that JEF was recently honored to be nominated as representative of Japan fs National Association of Club of Rome. Club of Rome and other notable environment-related NGOs such as those working for Convention on Biological Diversity will be our additional subjects.

COVER STORY 1 Greetings from Club of Rome
Celebrating Launch of Club's Japan Chapter
By Ian JOHNSON (Secretary general, the Club of Rome)

SPECIAL ARTICLE: Impact of US 2010 Elections
By Harald MALMGREN (Former US deputy trade representative and Senate advisor)

PERSONAL PROFILE: Interview with Mitsuhisa Ishikawa, president & CEO, Production I.G, Inc.
Japanese Anime Evolving
By Interviewer: Yoshihiro KATAOKA

PROMENADE: Art of Iai Offers Clue to Japan's Soul
By Natsuko TOYODA (JEF)