Friday, March 22, 2013

Date Friday, March 22, 2013
Venue The Royal Institute of International Affairs (Chatham House)
Sponsors apan Economic Foundaion (JEF)
The Royal Institute of International Affairs (Chatham House)

TopicsWelcoming Remarks
-Paola Subacchi, Research Director, International Economics, Chatham House
-Kazumasa Kusaka, Senior Adviser, Japan Economic Foundation (JEF)

Session 1: Economic Integration between Asia and Europe: Opportunities and Challenges*The negotiations for an EU-Japan FTA
*Is further integration with East-Asian countries possible?
*The role of China and its relationship with Japan

Paola Subacchi, Research Director, International Economics, Chatham House

-Hosuk Lee-Makiyama, Director, European Centre for International Political Economy
-John Cooke, Chairman, Liberalisation of Trade in Services Committee, The City UK
-Amb. Jonathan Fried, Ambassador and Permanent Representative of Canada to the WTO, Geneva

Session 2: Regional and International Coordination of Monetary Policies*Should Asia move towards a coordination of exchange rate policies, in the sense of collective currency appreciation vis-à-vis the USD?
*What are the regional implications of the increased regional use of the Chinese RMB?
*What are the future prospects for the role of the Japanese yen?

Yosuke Kawakami, Minister for Financial Affairs, Embassy of Japan in the UK

-Takatoshi Kato, President, Japan Center of International Finance
-Masaaki Kanno, Chief Economist, JP Morgan, Japan

Session 3: Rising Public Debt: Challenges and Risks to Developed Economies*Major differences and characteristics witnessed between Japanese debt and European debt, and risks thereof
*Shall the Japanese experience be compared to the European situation?
*Can highly indebted European countries learn a lesson from the Japanese experience?

Shigeto Nagai, Chief Representative in London, General Manager for Europe, Bank of Japan

-Sebastian Barnes, Counsellor to the Chief Economist, OECD
-Keiro Kitagami, Parliamentary Vice Minister of Economy, Trade and Industry, Japan (2011-12) and Special Advisor to the Prime Minister (2012), Japan

Session 4: Asia and Europe: Which Lessons to Learn for Regional Integration? Moderator: Naoyuki Haraoka, Executive Managing Director, Japan Economic Foundation (JEF)

*Which lessons to learn from the European integration?
*Will a protracted Euro crisis impact attempts at regional integration in the Eurozone and derail future integration in Asia and worldwide?
*Is economic integration the preliminary condition for tighter political relations in Asia and Europe?

Andrew Fraser, Council Member, Chatham House and Senior Adviser, Mitsubishi Corporation

-Jun Arima, Director General, Japan External Trade Organisation, London
-Jacques Cailloux, Chief European Economist, Nomura International
-Kazumasa Kusaka, Senior Adviser, Japan Economic Foundation

Special Speaker:
Yoshiyuki Kasai, Chairman and Representative Director, Central Japan Railway Company

Closing Remarks
Paola Subacchi, Research Director, International Economics, Chatham House


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