12th(Mon)-14th(Wed)July, 2004

Date 12th(Mon)-14th(Wed)July, 2004
Venue Bristol Marriott Hotel City Centre
2 Lower Castle Street, Old Market, Bristol, BS1 3AD
Tel +44-(0)117-929-4281 Fax +44-(0)117-922-5838
Sponsors Japan side Japan Economic Foundation UK side Asia-Pacific Technology Network

Topics1st Day"Opening Remarks"
Plenary Session1"Science and Technology Policy Issues"
Plenary Session2"Globalization of Research and Development"
Parallel Session(1) "Innovation, Clusters and Public Policy"
Parallel Session(2) "Creative Industries: Broadband and Enabling Technologies"
Parallel Session(3) "Marine Sciences, the Environment and Global Warming"

2nd DayParallel Session(4) "Research & Development in a Foreign Culture"
Parallel Session(5) "Exploiting Semiconductor Design and Intellectual Property"
Parallel Session(6) "The Future of Aerospace"
Parallel Session(7) "Biosecurity"
Parallel Session(8) "New and Emerging Wireless Technology"
Parallel Session(9) "Materials: Lighter, Brighter, Smarter"
Parallel Session(10) "Energy and the Environment"
Parallel Session(11) "Bioinformatics"
Plenary Session3 "Report-back from the Parallel Sessions"

"Closing Remarks"


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