4.Participants(November 16th(Thur)-17(Fri), 2006)


Noboru Hatakeyama Chairman and Chief Executive Officer,
Japan Economic Foundation (JEF)
Junichi Hattori Chairman and CEO, Seiko Instruments Inc. (SII)
Kazumasa Iwata Deputy Governor, Bank of Japan
Toshinori Kanemoto Former Director of Cabinet Intelligence, Cabinet Secretariat
Yoshiyuki Kasai Chairman, Central Japan Railway Company (JR-Central)
Akira Kojima Chairman, Japan Center for Economic Research (JCER)
Hidehiro Konno Chairman and CEO, Nippon Export and Investment Insurance (NEXI)
Makoto Kuroda President, Center for Information on Security Trade Control
President, World Economic Information Service (WEIS)
Adviser, Japan Economic Foundation (JEF)
Nobutaka Machimura Former Minister for Foreign Affairs
Member of the House of Representatives, Liberal Democratic Party
Tadashi Nakamae President, Nakamae International Economic Research
Masao Nishimura Executive Managing Director, Japan Economic Foundation (JEF)
Akihiko Tamura Visiting Fellow, East Asian International Economic Law & Policy Programme, Faculty of Law, University of Hong Kong
Mikio Wakatsuki Chairman, AXA Life Insurance Company Limited Senior Fellow, The Japan Research Institute, Limited Member of the Supervisory Committee of The Norinchukin Bank
Taizo Yakushiji Member of the Council for Science and Technology Policy, Cabinet Office Executive research director of the Institute for International Policy Studies Member of the law faculty of Keio University


Claude Barfield Resident Scholar, AEI
Dan Blumenthal Resident Fellow in Asian Studies, AEI
Nicholas Eberstadt Henry Wendt Chair in Political Economy, AEI
Christopher Griffin Research Associate in Asian Studies, AEI
Adam Lerrick Visiting Scholar, AEI
John H. Makin Visiting Scholar, AEI
Danielle Pletka Vice President for Foreign and Defense Policy Studies, AEI
Alex J. Pollock Resident Fellow, AEI


Harvey Zhaohui Chen President, The First Light Academy of Economics and Management
The First Light Academy College of Finance and Management, Shanghai
Yu Yongding (invited) Director-General and Senior Fellow,
Institute of World Economics and Politics,
Chinese Academy of Social Sciences (CASS)Professor,
Department of World Economics,
Post-Graduate School of CASS