November/December 2020 Issue

November/December 2020 Issue

Exploring the New Economy Under Covid-19

Contents : November/December 2020 Issue (No. 234)
Exploring the New Economy Under Covid-19
Publisher's Note
What Will Be the Consequences of the Change in Japanese Leadership?
By Kazumasa Kusaka
Cover Lead
Exploring the New Economy Under Covid-19
By Naoyuki Haraoka
Cover Story 1
Interview with Udith Sikand, Senior Emerging Markets Analyst, Gavekal Research Ltd.
Global Investment Analyst Provides Views on the Prospects for a New Economic Society with Covid-19
Cover Story 2
With Fiscal Expansion in Response to the Coronavirus, Abenomics 2.0 Can Bring Japan Out of Deflation
By Takuji Aida
Cover Story 3
Impact of Covid-19 on Financial Markets – Japanese Economy Peaked Prior to the Virus
By Koichi Kurose
Cover Story 4
Expansion of PCR Testing Is the Key to an Exit Strategy, But Which Is More Important – Sensitivity or Frequency of Tests?
By Kazumasa Oguro
Cover Story 5
Interview with Dr. Karl Aiginger, Director of the Policy Crossover Center: Vienna-Europe
Industrial Policy to Be Highlighted in the Age of the Pandemic
Cover Story 6
Interview with Dr. Gary Hamel, Co-author of the book Humanocracy
How Can We Revive Organizations as Innovative as the People Inside Them?
Cover Story 7
Interview with Darrell Rigby, Partner, Bain & Company
The Crisis in Public Health & Economy – Innovation to Tackle the Challenges
Special Article 1
Anime Businesses Move Online to Survive the Pandemic
By Roland Kelts
Special Article 2
Will “America First” Leave America Alone? – The Trump Administration’s Trade Policy in the Indo-Pacific Region
By Darah Phillip
Special Article 3
Growth Triggers in Asia-Pacific: Quality Infrastructure & Digital Economy
By Priyadarshi Dash
Special Article 4
Covid-19 & Environmental Sustainability
By Vesselin Popovski
Special Article 5
Trends in North Korea: the Impact of Economic Sanctions, Growing North-South Tension & Reform Under Self-Reliance
By Mitsuhiro Mimura
Special Article 6
History & Risk
By Vaclav Smil
Special Article 7
LOST & FOUND COWBOY – Uplifting Cross-Cultural Online Comedy in the Time of Pandemic (Part 1)
By Atsushi Ogata
Economists' Views on the Global Economy
Taxation on Waste Will Lead to Optimal Portfolio Allocation in Green Investment
By Naoyuki Yoshino, Farhad Taghizadeh-Hesary & Muhammad Zubair Mumtaz
Japanese Ventures & the Future of the Economy
Interview with Mitsuko Sugano, Senior Fellow, Corporate Research & Development Center, Toshiba Corporation
Toshiba Applying Nanotechnology in Search of Medical Remedies

Student View
Momofuku Ando’s Impact on Japan with His Instant Ramen Invention in 1958
By Shenger Zhou
Economic Indictors for Japan
Has the Japanese Economy Bottomed Out?
By Nobuo Iizuka
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Exploring the New Economy Under Covid-19