March/April 2021 Issue

March/April 2021 Issue

Geopolitics with the Pandemic

Contents : March/April 2021 Issue (No. 236)
Geopolitics with the Pandemic
Publisher's Note
“Without the Trust of the People, There Can Be No Government” – from the Analects of Confucius

By Kazumasa Kusaka
Cover Lead
Geopolitics with the Pandemic
By Naoyuki Haraoka
Cover Story 1
Global Risks & Opportunities Under the “With-Corona” Global Order
The Fourth JEF-KRA Global Risk Symposium – Key Geopolitical Developments in the Current Pandemic Situation

By Komatsu Research & Advisory
Cover Story 2
Implications of the Pandemic for Capitalism

By Sir Paul Collier
Cover Story 3
Impact of the Pandemic on the Korean Peninsula & East Asia

By Yong Sueng Dong
Cover Story 4
Interview with Matthew P. Goodman, Senior Vice President for Economics, Center for Strategic & International Studies
The Biden Administration’s New Foreign Policy – a Key Geopolitical Question in the Pandemic

Cover Story 5
A New “Pilot at the Helm” – the Biden Administration’s Navigation of the US Energy Sector “Ship”

By Carl Greenfield
Cover Story 6
European Ideas About a New World Political Regime to Tackle the Issue of China
By Andrew Small
Special Interview
Interview with Barbara Ubaldi, Acting Head of the Public Governance Directorate of the OECD
Digital Governments – How to Design Them to Meet the Needs of a Data-Driven Economy

Special Article 1
The Pandemic’s Impact on Central Europe in a Historical Perspective

By Krassen Stanchev
Special Article 2
SARC 2020 Conference: New Directions in Economy, Health & Education During the Pandemic

By Mukesh Williams
Japanese Ventures & the Future of the Economy
Interview with Shinya Murai, Project Team Manager for Promotion of QKD Business, Katsuro Ejima, Project Team Sub-Manager for Promotion of QKD Business, New Business Development Office, and Minoru Yonezawa, Director of New Business Development Office, Cyber-Physical SystemsxDesign Division, Toshiba Corporation
Japan Developing a New Frontier for the Global Economy by New Technologies

Hachioji Geisha During the Corona Pandemic

By Mukesh Williams & Naoyuki Haraoka
Recent JEF Activity
JEF’s Online Forums in FY 2020 Searching for Way Out of Hard Times Amid Pandemic

By Naoyuki Haraoka
Economic Indictors for Japan
Impact of the Coronavirus Pandemic on Railway Transportation
By Nobuo Iizuka
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Geopolitics with the Pandemic